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Trudeau, Pierre Elliot Prime Minister of Canada. A lawyer and a low professor known for championing liberal causes. He was elected (1965) to the house of commons. As a liberal. He became minister of Justice and attorney general in Lester Pearson's government in 1967. He succeeded Parsons as liberal party leader and prime minister in 1968 and won a landslide victory in elections called shortly after he took office.
Pursuing independence from U.S. influence he recognized (1970) the peoples republic of China and promoted Canadian control of it's own economy. In 1970, after terrorist activities by the front vide liberation du Quebec, he temporarily instituted Martial law. Although the liberal party lost it's majority in parliament in the general elections of Oct, 1972 Trudeau remained in office, relying on the support of the small new democratic party to give him a parliamentary majority.

Trudeau served in Lester Pearson's ministry and succeeded him as a liberal party leader and prime minister. His government pursued a policy of independence of U.S., influence and promoted Canada control of its economy . Trudeau sought to redefine federal provincial relations and to contain the Quebec separatists movement.
Briefly out of office (1970-80) after the conservatives won the 1979 election, he returned to power in 1980. That year he proposed a new constitution for Canada, independent of the British Parliament, and on April 17, 1982 Queen Elizabeth signed the constitution Act, 1982 which gave Canada complete independence.

On October 10TH 1970, FLQ terrorist kidnapped Quebec Labour minister Pierre Laporte CBC radio and TV news broke into regular programming to broadcast this story. Five days before, on October 5TH , members of the group had kidnapped a British diplomat in Montreal, James Cross. James Cross was found alive in December, but Pierre Laporte was murdered by the FLQ later.

It led to the imposition of the war measures act, allowing the federal government led by
Pierre Trudeau to send troops to Montreal, on Quebec request and suspend civil liberates several hundred people were imprisoned during the crisis.
Another thing that Trudeau did was the Constitutional Act of 1982, it was British law that
established produces the Canadian amendment of Canada constitution ( the previous act had required all formal approval of British parliament). It also contains a bill of rights, the character of rights and freedoms. Its provisals were combined with the British North America Act (1867) and the previous Canadian constitutional changes in the Canada Act.

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