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Political Relations

Pierre Elliott Trudeau had many relations with foreign countries. These relations started when he was a young man going to school. He studied political economy at Harvard University, the University of Paris, and he went to the London school of economics. He then left school in 1948 to tour Europe and the Middle East, here he was arrested by Arabs as an Lsraeli spy. He hitchhiked with a knapsack or he rode on a motorbike. He visited Austria, Hungary, and Germany first. After that he traveled to Eastern Europe. Then he went to Pakistan, India, Burma, Afghanistan, Indochina, Thailand, and China. Then he returned to Canada in 1949.

After some desultory doctoral work in London, Trudeau left in 1948 to spend the next eighteen months roaming the world, knapsack on his back, bearded and often dressed in native clothes. In his travels, Trudeau, with a highly developed sense of adventure, managed to move through most of the world's trouble spots. He visited Rangoon.
Twice during the odyssey, he was arrested: once when he crossed the India - Pakistan border shortly after the partition, and again in Jerusalem shortly after the assassination of Count Bernadotte, the U.N. mediator.

Trudeau and five Canadians toured China in 1960. They were one of the first Western tourists allowed in China since the Communists conquered China in 1949. In 1974 Trudeau visited China, three years after Canada and China reestablished diplomatic relations. The Chinese Premier welcomed Trudeau to Beijing.

Trudeau wanted to strengthen Canada's independence in the world's affairs. He changed his defense arrangements and expanded its relations with the Soviet Union and China early in his terms. Canada and China agreed to reestablish relations. These ties ended when Communists gained control of China inn 1973. In 1971 he traveled to the Soviet Union and five months later Premier Alesksei N. Kosygin of the Soviet Union toured Canada. This increased trade with both China and the Soviet Union.
Trudeau was dedicated to an independent Canada. This embroiled him in several scraps with Washington over U.S. tankers in our Arctic, relations with Cuba's Fidel Castro and growing foreign ownership.

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