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Name of Site: http://www.k12.nf.ca/allsaintsag/

All Saints All-Grade
School District #4-Stephenville/Port-Aux-Basques
Grey River, Newfoundland
Terrance Lavalle

John Barter Audrey Lavalle
Donna Hillier Nancy Hillier

Classes participating: K to 12

Number and ages of students: 35 students, 5 to 18 years

Project Reflection

Description of School: All Saints All Grade is a K to 12 school in the small south-west coast community of Grey River. It will have been in existence in the current building for its 25th year this upcoming summer. Our school is a progressive one that shapes its curriculum and instruction to best equip its students for the 21st century. The school strives toward this goal through:

  1. Providing an environment of mutual respect for ALL members of the school community.
  2. Making All Saints' staff and students an integral part of the community of Grey River specifically, as well as an interacting group of people with the rest of the province and the country in general.
  3. Improving student literacy.
  4. Offering a K to 12 technology curriculum that spans many different curricular areas.
  5. Developing a comprehensive problem-solving experience.

Summary of project: Our project attempts to portray our school and community to the world in a number of different ways. The Primary/Elememtary class had the responsibility of describing and showing various structures and areas within the community, commenting on origins and history, as well as present-day usages. The Junior High had two responsibilities: each student creating his or her own webpage to portray the interests of teenagers in Grey River. They also worked on creating a physical overlay of the geographic surroundings of our community, portraying the development of the people's way of life over the last 150 years. Finally, the Senior High looked at various holidays and traditions of our community to show the world our distinct culture.

Obstacles:One of the biggest obstacles we had to overcome was time. It is very hard to utilize time here in the school that operates in a multi-grade scenario. All computers are located in the Senior High class, putting some time constraints on availability to other students. Also, curricular objectives, structured teaching lessons, and extra-curricular responsibilities on the staff of 5 made it very hard to work this project into an already jam-packed schedule for the students!

Information technology tools: Computers (486's, Pentium and Pentium II Models), Hewlett Packard Laser Printer, Hewlett Packard Scanner and Scanner Software, WordPerfect 5.1 and 8, Fax Machine, Email and Internet

Project goals and curriculum:

  • Primary/Elementary: Matched with Community Studies objective (looked at both our community and Francois' webpage work on the Internet).
  • Junior High: Matched webpage generation objective in Computers curriculum as well as various Internet usage objectives. Matched Grade 8 Science curricular objectives in the areas of "The Earth's Crust"-20% of the whole year. Also, matched research objective in Junior High Language Arts curriculum guide from the Department of Education.
  • Senior High: Met various Language 1101/2101, Religion, and Geography objectives as set out by the Provincial Department of Education.

Learning:Younger students have learned more working knowledge of the word processing packages. All students have learned to use the scanner. Many students now have more hands on time with Internet "surfing" and researching.


We connected with our community specifically through the Primary/Elementary students. Part of their responsibility was to interview various community members about their individual topics (ie. local mine). Junior and Senior High students got more familiar with the geographical status as well as cultural backgrounds of Grey River.

If we were to do this again, it would be team-planned in early September rather than late October-early November. If students had more time conducting research, as well as teachers having more time to match curricular objectives with this project's goals, things would have ran much smoother. This was meant to be an enjoyable acticity. Most students enjoyed it, but it certainly put a crunch on time for teachers.

Recommendations: Lots of time to carry it out!

Students thoughts:

  • Jonathan Lushman-"The webpage creation is cool! Hard to learn, but good once you figure it out!"
  • Janet Baggs-"Webpages are fun to make, but even more fun to look at our friends' pages."
  • Rocky Lushman-"Cool!"
  • Melvina Young-"We learned a lot about computers this term!"