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The Anglican Church

Our church is Anglican and is named in the Church of the Transfiguration. My brother, Matthew Lushman, is a server in the church. A server carries the cross, takes the collection, and rings the bell.

The church has been here for 30 years. Matthew has served with three different ministers. They are Reverand Elder, Reverand Gillam, and Reverand Trudy Sullivan. Reverand Sullivan is the minister that we have today.

Anglican ChurchThe church is very important to Grey River. It is the heart of our community.

Jackie Lushman-Kindergarten (based on an interview with Matthew Lushman)


We donít know anything about our oldest graveyard because it is very old. My grandfather does not even know anything about it. It is built near the water.

Our second graveyard is built near the church over 80 years ago. Nobody knows who built it. They stopped using the graveyard in 1985. Mrs. Phoebe young, my great grandmother, was the last person buried in the graveyard.

Our new graveyard is built up on the hill. In the winter, it is very difficult to get there. I think it will be filled up soon.

Steven Warren

Death in The Past

Death was a lot different in the past then it is now. They didn't have doctors back then so when someone died a person in the house at the time pronounced the person dead. When someone died the family members and friends stayed up with the deceased. They took turns to give the others a break. When someone died they were dressed in a suit or the best clothes they had. The men dressed the men and the women dressed the women. John Barter, a community member, made the coffins. They were made of pine. If they didn't have a coffin, people would bury them in a white sheet. The family took care of the body or if they didn't have a family, their friends did. The deceased were kept at home until they were buried.

Interesting Facts:

There is a place called Jenny's Brook. It got its name from a woman, Jenny, who was living up the bay when she died. They tried to bring her out. It was the winter and the ice was not frozen enough, so they hung her body in a tree so the body would stay cold. They then were able to save the body until they could get her out. They then named the place Jenny's Brook.

Christmas Past and Present

Today Christmas morning children get things like tv's, vcr's, clothes and chocolates. Children get more things today. Only a few people go around mummering. It isn't much like one time. Today peoples' trees are decorated really well. People use bulbs, trimmings, garland, Christmas ornaments, and icicles. People have turkey or chicken as well as vegetables for their Christmas dinner.

Christmas ParadeToday people only drink a few days of Christmas like on News Year's Day and Christmas Day. Today there are concerts and parades. Old Christmas Day isn't the same, but still some kids get a present. Today everything is decorated well, outside as well as inside. There is usually a dance two to three times during Christmas. Today the church has a service on Christmas Eve.

Christmas in the past, people got gifts that were not as expensive as today. They didn't get anything that went with electricity. They would get dolls, chocolates and gun sets. Families that couldn't afford much were given fruit at Christmas. Usually at Christmas they would get one present per child. Today children get things like toys, tvs, vcrs, clothes, chocolates and other expensive things. Today children get tons and tons of things more than those who lived in the past.

In the past a lot of people went mummering. The whole community would go around. In the past most people put up Christmas trees. In the past people would have rabbits, turrs, moose meat and duck for Christmas dinner. Very little had turkey. In the past they use to drink all through the twelve days of Christmas. Once they use to put a tree in the gym with Santa there. Everyone in the gym got a present. In the past Old Christmas Day was the most important part of Christmas. Usually there would be a dance. In the past they use to decorate there houses on the inside but very little on the outside. There was no electricity in the past to put up lights. Today people decorate their houses on the outside and on the inside. People put lights up all around their homes. In the past there was a dance every night to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas. There would be square dances.The dances would be played by an accordion. In the past there was a church service on all twelve days of Christmas. Everyone looked forward to going.

In our research, we discovered it was different in many ways. In the past they got different presents then we get today. Our society has changed a lot in good ways and some in bad ways. In our modern days people don't celebrate Christmas as people did back then. Now not many people go around mummering as they did one time. We still have our dances and celebrate the meaning of Christmas, but it is not the same as it was. This is why we research about how Christmas was like in the olden days to show you how it is different than today.