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Ferry Service

The boats have been coming to Grey River for 40 years. There have been a lot of different boats during the years. Some of these include the Bonavista, Tavenor, Hope Dale, Pettifort, Jenny W., Polar Explorer, Marine Eagle, Marine Voyager, Northern Whale, and the Gallipoli. They go to many different places on the south coast such as Rencontre, English Harbour, Harbour Breton, Hermitage, Gaultois, McCallum, Francois, Grey River, Ramea, Burgeo, Grand Bruit, LaPoile, Port-Aux-Basques, Pooles Cove, and Baie LíArgent. Sometimes the boats only take people to and from the communities to get to a main road.

The boats carry people, cargo, freight for the stores, oil, and fish. It is our food supply and our mail. When you live in an isolated community, the boat is the only means of transportation and communication. Most importantly, it is our only source of medical care.

Ricky Lushman-Grade 1 (based on an interview with Ron Lushman)


Our school was built in 1975. Before that there was a smaller one. They had to build a bigger one because there were more students. While they were building the new school, students had school in the church.

Today, there are 35 students in our school. Kindergarten to Grade 6 is in one room. Their teachers are Mrs. Nancy Hillier and Mrs. Audrey LaVallee. Grades 7, 8, and 9 are in another room. Their teachers are Mr. John Barter, Mr. Terry LaVallee, and Miss Donna Hillier. Sometimes Mrs. Hillier and Mrs. LaVallee teach in Junior High too! Mrs. Nancy Hillier is also the Special Services teacher. Mr. Terry LaVallee is our Principal.

The first principal at All Saints All-Grade School was Mr. Stanley Barnes. He was the one who gave our school its name. There are lots of fun things to do after school too! We have a computer club, after school sports, activity nights, dances, student council, and graduation committee.

All Saints All-Grade is a good school with a good curriculum. It participates in a lot of activities. The last few years we have had Grade 12. Our first graduation was in 1998. Now students can stay home and finish school instead of leaving at 14 or 15 years old. Today we have 8 computers in our school and all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can use them. Also, we get to go on trips to different places. I think our school is great and a lot of fun.

Allie Hillier-Kindergarten (based on an interview with Donna Hillier)


Garfield Young's Store:This store is owned by Garfield and Minnie Young. They have been in business for 27 years and the store they work in now was built 23 years ago. It was built where an old house used to be.

You can buy anything you need in this store. They order groceries from other companies and they come in by boat. This store is very important because it also has the post office.

The post office is very important. Without it, we would not be able to get our mail. The mail is packed in special containers and then put in a wheelbarrow to be put on the boat. Our mail man has to go to the boat every day to send and receive mail.

Rose's StoreRose's Store:When you get off the boat in Grey River, this is the first store you see. The store was there for 25 years, but Gerald and Annie Rose have only owned it for two years. It was owned before by Joshua Rose.

Groceries and other things are brought from Lewisporte and the boat brings it in. The store sells food, gas, fuel, clothes, junk food, movies, craft supplies, dishes, tools, and other things.

At Christmas, they have Santa visits, things on tickets, and a balloon drop. It is an interesting store to shop in.

Kayla Barter-Grade 2 (based on an interview with store owners)

Fire Hall

Fire Hall The fire hall was built in 1992 and we have 13 volunteer firemen. My dad, Wallace Lushman takes care of the pump engine to make sure it is in working condition at all times. We donít have a regular fire engine like other communities. There is nowhere to drive a car in Grey River.

When there is a fire, they use water and fire extinguishers. The water comes through a pump that works by the engine. They get the pump to the fire by pushing it. Firemen wear safety equipment like boots, jackets, and hats with a special mask. The biggest fire we ever had in Grey River was a house fire. It was a really long time ago.

The most important thing to know is how to use a breathing apparatus in case another fire happens. I am very proud of my dad. He has a very important job.

Dylan Lushman-Kindergarten (based on an interview with Wallace Lushman)


The building that we use for the clinic has been here for 21 years. My mom, Geraldine Barter, is the secretary at the clinic. First, it was a Pentecostal Church with an apartment upstairs. The clinic has only been downstairs for about 15 years. The apartment is still being used upstairs.

The doctor comes to Grey River about once every two weeks. He usually comes by helicopter unless there is an emergency. Then we have to call the nurse in Ramea and he will come by boat. Then if the person has to go to the hospital, they can. If the doctor canít make it, there is an emergency supply of prescription drugs in the clinic until he can.

Kayla Barter-Grade 2 ( based on an interview with Geraldine Barter)

Power House

The doctor comes to Grey River about once every two weeksThe power house is important to Grey River because people depend on it to heat their homes, for lights, and for cooking. The power plant has been here since 1975. Before that, people used wood stoves and kerosene lamps.

My uncle, Wilf Young, works at the power house. The power house is run by a diesel motor. Power gets to peoplesí houses by wires leading from the plant. The meters are checked every month to let people know how much power they are using.

It is very important to never play close to light poles or the power station. You could get seriously hurt.

Melanie Young-Grade 1 (based on an interview with Wilf Young)